Instructions for Planting Fall Bulbs

  1. When/Where to plant:
    • Bulbs that are planted during the fall season are hardy enough to spending the winter buried in the soil. They can be stored in a cool dry place (between 8 and 12 °C) that is well-ventilated until they are ready to be planted.
    • They should be planted when the temperature of the soil falls lower than 15°C, but before the first frost (usually between the end of September and mid-November).
    • Be sure to not plant bulbs in soggy soil. Keeping this in mind, they can be planted in flower beds, in your lawn and amongst other plants. Be sure to not dig up the bulbs if other plants are being planted around them. Pay attention to the sun exposure needed for each type of bulb.
  2. Planting a bulb:
    • Method: Dig a hole, place the bulb with the tip facing upwards (unless specified otherwise) at the bottom of it and cover with the dug-up soil or a mixture including fertilizer if necessary. The depth and distances between holes depend on the diameter of the bulb. A bulb should be covered with a layer of soil that is three times the height of the seed.
    • Maintenance: Water the bulb generously after planting with a layer of mulch covering it, protecting it from the elements.
  3. Post-blooming care:
    • After blooming in the spring, cut the flowers off at the base of the plant. Remove the leaves only after they have dried out and died on their own.
    • Be ready to see their beauty bloom once more next spring!
  4. Tips:
    • To get a better curb appeal, try planting them in clusters instead of rows.

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