Flowerpot Tips

  1. Good drainage in pots is important to avoid root rot. Be sure to plant in pots that have appropriate drainage holes.
  2. Plant tags often contain all the information that you may need! Keeping these tags could be good to remember how they will grow, especially for perennials.
  3. Choose your flowers according to the sun exposure in the area you want to place them in. Over-exposure and under-exposure to sun can impede proper growth. All flowers planted together should have the same needs.
  4. Be sure to use potting soil as garden soil will clump up and impair proper growth. Take note of the fact that most potting soil does not have many nutrients in it and fertilizer should be added so that your flowers can thrive. Follow-up liquid fertilizing can be necessary every other week to help the plants get proper nutrition.
  5. Think of the layout of your flowerpots before purchasing. Taller plants should be planted behind smaller plants with draping plants in the front to add a fuller effect. Remember to consider their mature sizes when planning out the placement and the spacing between plants.
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